2020 Perfect Vision

2020 Perfect Vision

Co-created by Sara Estelle and  a group of healers and heart-centered business owners, 2020 Perfect Vision is a flower and gem essence of collaboration - one of the key energies of this new decade. The time of "doing it alone" is over!

It has been created to raise consciousness and anchor in potential for 2020 and beyond

Here are the essences in this combination

4 Flower Essences to raise consciousness and divine potential and align you with your Divine Feminine Self

  • Sovereignty White Rose - I own my gifts and know I have a unique piece of the weaving of our new earth
  • Snowdrop - I re-write the future. Nothing is set in stone.
  • Blue Hibiscus - I speak my truth and as I do this, I change myself and the world
  • Windflower - I stand tall and strong even when the winds of life blow strongly

5 Crystal and 1 Metal Essence to create energetic structure to hold the Flower Energy and align you with your Divine Masculine Self

  • Gold - I love and value myself to my highest potential. I take Divine Right Action
  • Smokey Quartz - I am grounded, strong and anchored to the earth
  • Citrine - I generate abundance within me and through all my life 
  • Larimar - I am calm and cool. It is safe to express who I am.
  • Amethyst - I am inspired and focused. It is safe to be expansive and rooted.
  • Garnet - I am vital, courageous and passionate

1 Colour Light Essence 

  • Magenta Light Essence (created under a Full Moon) - I Return Heaven to Earth 

10 ml stock essence - bottled in Miron glass bottles in South West France