Star of Gaia Range


Sovereignty Essence

A Star of Gaia Essence Created to support Healers and Heart Based Journeyers through Life and Business to raise their consciousness to embrace their own unique Sovereignty

Stand tall, Walk your Talk, Own your Gifts

Be YourSelf without Apology

Be the Priest(ess), the Mage, the Queen/King of your own Life and Business

  • It's time to sound your own note into the world
  • It's time to stop the comparison and self doubt 
  • It's time to stop playing small
  • It's time to rise up, stand tall and BE WHO YOU ARE
  • It's time to claim your self-worth
  • It's time to claim your right to co-create a life and business that nourishes you, those you love and those you are here to serve

Sovereignty Essences supports 

- knowing, owning and trusting you are a unique spark of the Divine and have the right and permission to share this with those who align

- allowing Source energy to flow through you and becoming the vessel that births your unique creation

- claiming and owning your unique expertise without ego and full presence and love 

Sovereignty was co-created with a white rose on Lion's Gate (8.8.2018) - a portal of courage and owning our true selves.

All MoonFlower Essences are bottled in South West France and are 10ml stock essence in Miron glass