Star of Gaia Range

Feminine Financial Flow

Feminine Financial Flow
Financial Flow Flower and Gem Essence

Created to support Healers and Heart Based Journeyers through Life and Business to Enter and Flow with their own Unique Essence and Sacred Gift to the world.

It's time for you to Walk in this Brand New World; allow your part of the jigsaw to flow through you and be carried in the flow, trusting and allowing.

Feminine Financial Flow Essences supports a  flow of energy and action  that

  • nourishes your soul
  • nourishes your body
  • nourishes those you love
  • nourishes your clients
  • nourishes the earth
  • and nourishes you to take aligned action that also allows through a nourishing income

It contains the following MoonFlower Essences all co-created in South West France (except Amethyst which was created in the UK)

  • Iris - opens your creativity flow, pouring it through your crown chakra into the earth, your earth
  • Purple Orchid - holds an inner loving space for your vision, supporting feelings of safety and nurture for YOU as you birth yourself more fully into the world
  • Sacred Marriage - an essence made from two Camellias made under the Crescent Moon, supporting a flow of dialogue and dance between your Inner Feminine (your being Self) and your Inner Masculine (your doing Self)
  • Solstice Oak - an essence made with Oak on a Summer Solstice day. Grounding, supporting you in holding the vastness of your vision through an inner knowing that you are not alone. There is so much support around you - seen and unseen - that supports you. Always.
  • Amethyst gem essence, made in moonlight. A portal essence that supports during "birthing" times, reminding you to always stay in your heart chakra.
  • Walking in a New World - a channelled essence made in South West France by a group of experienced essence practitioners. Holds you upright so that you can BE your truth and destiny; speak your truth and destiny and Walk and Take Action in the New World that is birthing as you birth your True Self.

All MoonFlower Essences are bottled in South West France and are 10ml stock essence in Miron glass