Star of Gaia Range

Dreaming in a New World

Dreaming in a New World

An essence co-created in South West France by a group of 10 healers (including myself), hundreds of cranes returning North for the Spring and New World Energies

This essence is embedded with the following intentions to support you in Creating the World of your Heart's Desires:

  • Supporting the New World of Financial Abundance Creation through Allowing ourselves to Receive and Be Nourished from the sharing of our own Sacred Gifts
  • Imagining a new vision for career as something that allows you to live your heart’s desire and, in being true to this desire, even as it changes throughout your life, complete and effortless support will be available for all levels of your being.
  • May we feel and know the support of beings that are here to help us to envision and manifest a New Earth into being. May we feel gratitude for all the help (seen and unseen) that we are receiving in our sacred work here on Earth.
  • May Love flow through all of our thoughts, words and actions as we build our New Earth together. May the Language of the Heart be the Common Language for all Beings and Joy be the New Currency
  • Bringing you support and encouragement to make those changes your heart desires
  • May we stand tall in our integrity and are known for our authenticity, following our soul purpose and empower others to do the same
  • May we be all that we can be to bring love and healing out into the world, supported and loved by those around us
  • You are wise beyond words, you are supported beyond measure, go within & trust your innate wisdom
  • May the world become kinder and softer. May the world to have more feeling and be more aware. May the world be more tolerating and with our collective intentions for the world to start taking steps to completely heal

As part of the MoonFlower range, this essence also contains moon charged water and is dedicated to Healers and Change-Makers everywhere

10ml stock essence in Miron glass