A 10ml combination of stock strength Moonflower Essences created to support the Sacred Money Archetype ® of Nurturer

This combination contains Moonflower essences of Apple, Willow, Forget Me Not, Pink Yarrow and Larimar

This essence has been created to support people who are born to nurture and care for others yet who may over-extend themselves and become tired, resentful and easily hurt. This combination of essences helps to:

  • Gently restore your energies
  • Remind you of your divine essence and soul contract
  • Ease away any lingering resentment
  • Provide loving and supportive energy for you to focus on self-nurture
  • Feel and be empowered in your personal and professional life

Moonflower essences are made in the traditional way by placing a bowl of pure water in sunlight. We then add water infused with moonlight to our bottles.