Celebrity – this essence has been create to support people who wish to be visible and a centre of influence in their personal and professional lives. The essences provide unconditional love, protection and an energetic pull to encourage you to fully shine your light into the world.

This combination contains Moonflower essences of Pink Camellia, Elderflower, Buttercup, Golden Yarrow, Pale Pink Rose and Rose Quartz.

This essence has been created to support people who are born leaders, have much charisma and love to be in the spotlight yet who may often have not received unconditional love and approval as children and young adults.

This combination of essences helps you to:

  • Shine your own unique light of divinity into the world
  • Shine light onto what holds you back from being your true glorious self
  • Feel safe and confident in your own energy whilst being visible and in your power
  • Allow others to see your vulnerability and love you for who you are rather than what you do
  • To step forward with confidence in both your personal and professional life