Welcome to MoonFlower Essences™

Flower and Gem Essences for the Sensitive Soul

MoonFlower Essences™ are a range of flower and gem essences made in Kent in the South East of England. Just like the cooling moonlight rays, Moonflower Essences calm and soothe and may benefit those who are sensitive and those are looking for more peaceful and nurturing ways of living.

What are flower essences?

Buttercup Flower EssenceFlower essences are a gentle yet profound modality. A flower essence is traditionally made by floating fresh flowers in a bowl of pure water in sunlight. In this way the flower is able to transmit its healing vibration into the water - through the alchemy of the light, the water and the flower signature. In today's world where change is a constant and many of us are being challenged by all that was familiar and secure dissolving around us, Flower and Vibrational medicine is core to our health and well-being due to its gentle yet profound ability to shift patterns at a profound level.

How to Use and Take MoonFlower Essences

Thank you for your interest in MoonFlower Essences - flower essences are so easy and safe to take and below I share with you some creative suggestions to use your MoonFlower Essences. Whether you are taking essences for your own healing or are a Practitioner using our range, this video is for you.